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Do you have a desire to be a part of the Great Commission?

Has God been stirring your heart for the lost? Join us on a short term trip as we minister in the 10/40 window.

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Where in the world are you going?

Do you feel God is calling you to be a part of world missions? But you do not know where to go. Ends of the Earth Ministries has missions trips to Africa scheduled throughout the year.

Ends of the Earth Ministries equips national missionaries to bring the hope and love of Jesus Christ to their own people in unreached villages in Africa. We prepare nationals in the Word of God so they may effectively evangelize and plant local churches. We also equip them with the ability to start elementary schools and perform basic healthcare. Please pray about being a part of this.

Contact our office by phone or e-mail to find out more about what God is doing through Ends Of The Earth Ministries.

Did You Know?

Only 2% of all American missionaries and financial donations are sent to the unreached. Please pray about becoming involved in touching the lives of millions of people that are still waiting to hear the gospel for the first time.

Come With Us To Africa


Has God put a burden in your heart for Africa? Do you desire to travel to Africa to minister to people that have been devastated by war and poverty? Please pray about coming with us on our next trip to Africa. Contact our office by phone or e-mail to find out more about our next scheduled trip.

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