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We have witnessed the Lord do an amazing work of transformation in the lives of these Tauso children over the past four years. When we began our sponsorship program, these kids came to us with no understanding of basic hygiene or sanitation. Many of them were severely suffering from skin infections and diseases simply because they had no access to clean water and soap. The missionary “mothers” taught the kids how to wash themselves and their clothes. The girls learned how to prepare meals and all the children were given responsibilities around the home and school. We watched these children blossom under the care and guidance of our missionaries and teachers. They have truly become a joy-filled family unit who are thriving in every way. Their love for the Lord is evident in the way that they desire his word and care for each other.

The photo above was taken after our evening devotion time, and the smiles on their faces say it all. The photo below was taken four years ago. Thank you for your support which is caring for the spiritual, physical and educational needs of these children.

Rob Douglass