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South Sudan Crisis Update Sunday, July 10

South Sudan Crisis Update Sunday, July 10

Our team is safe in Kenya near the Sudan border. We have attempted three times over the last few days to get into South Sudan to be able to minister but have had issues with the small plane and excessive mud and the vehicle breaking which has caused us to have to return back to the Kenyan border. However our team sees God’s hand in the timing of all of this since due to the delay we have been able to connect with the governor of South Sudan who knows our ministry and hopefully will be a help to us if we need to evacuate the Taus children from the school. The fighting has escalated in the capital city of Juba. Our African director, James Nyika, was on the phone this morning with his sister who is in the capital city when an army helicopter began shooting people in the streets. The phone connection was lost and he does not know if she and her children are safe. Please pray that South Sudan’s capital city, Juba, stabilizes quickly and the civil unrest stops. If Juba falls South Sudan will go into anarchy.

Our team is waiting to be flown out of Kenya back to Nairobi. However, the MAF pilots are right now evacuating their staff out of Juba so our team is safe and will wait until we can be flown out.

We may be needing to evacuate the children in our sponsorship program from the school and try to get them across the border to the Kakuma refugee settlement in Kenya. James is putting this plan in motion in case things continue to escalate in Juba and the fighting increases which would make getting food to our children impossible and relocating them the only option. Thank you for your continued prayers for peace in South Sudan and for the safety of all those on the ground.
Thank you for praying for our team… Teri Jackson Kelli Rose Pollin Becky Breznau – Rob Douglass

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