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South Sudan Crisis Update Wednesday, July 27

South Sudanese civilians are trapped in Juba and being used as human shields. These innocent people are afraid that the rebels will attack the capital tonight or tomorrow so they are staging a protest to plead for their lives. 

In the chaos of war, women and young girls are particularly targeted for acts of violence. Government soldiers raped dozens of women that have taken shelter in the U.N. camp in the capital city. Thousands are beginning to starve because the U.N. food storage was looted and supplies were lost. Women are forced to leave the safety of the U.N. Camp and search for food outside. CBS News reported, “Two armed South Sudanese soldiers in uniform dragged away a woman who was less than a few hundred yards from the U.N. camp’s western gate while armed U.N. peacekeepers on foot, in an armored vehicle and in a watchtower looked on. One witness estimated that 30 peacekeepers from Nepalese and Chinese battalions saw the incident.” For the full article see CBS News link below.

The children in our sponsorship program are currently safe as they live 250 miles from the Capitol and have enough meals to last them the next month. It is possible that this crisis could escalate at any moment triggering an evacuation. In light of this, we have established a South Sudan Crisis Fund. This fund will help provide whatever is needed to stabilize our children. These gifts may be used for emergency rescue, relocation, housing, food, or any other necessities to provide a safe environment for our missionary team and the children. 100% of every donation to this account will go toward caring for the children and people of South Sudan. 

If you would like to donate towards the South Sudan crisis please click on the support link at the top or bottom of this page.
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Prayer Points 

– Please pray that the rebels do not attack the capital and that 35,000 innocent civilians will be spared.
– Please pray that women and girls would be protected against these horrific acts of violence. Pray that those who have been abused will find emotional healing in Jesus. 

CBS News link: