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Be Prepared For Cross-Cultural Ministry

Has God been stirring your heart for the lost? Do you desire to go overseas and minister amidst another culture?

One of the biggest challenges is leaving your home to enter into a foreign world. Everyone experiences shock when they enter a new country. Without preparation, shock can be debilitating. Every soldier engages in rigorous training before they enter the battlefield. A missionary is a spiritual soldier fighting the battle for people’s souls. Therefore, every cross-cultural missionary needs to be equipped to handle the intense spiritual, emotional, and physical struggles they will be faced with.

Jesus has given us a clear command to go into every nation and make disciples of all people.

We cannot allow fear of the unknown to keep us from obedience!

Our Bible College Mission Courses taught by Pastor Rob Douglass will prepare you to fulfill your calling as a cross-cultural missionary. In each class we will discuss how to understand and embrace new culture and genuinely love and lead the people that God has called you to minister to. You will learn how God the Father is the “missionary God” and how Jesus was the perfect cross-cultural missionary. We will analyze our birth culture and compare it to God’s ideal Kingdom culture. Finally, you will learn how to effectively teach God’s Word in a cross-cultural environment. By the end of this course you will be further equipped to step out of your birth culture and answer God’s call to be His ambassador as you fulfill the Great Commission.

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