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Partner with Ends of the Earth Ministries

Together we can restore hope to the Ends of the Earth

Most Needed

Because 100% of all designated gifts are sent to fulfill specific purposes, your support here will be used to meet whatever critical needs are facing the ministry of EOTE, both in Africa and at our home office.

Medical Clinic

EOTE has partnered with Promise Child to build and maintain a medical clinic that is providing life saving care in a region where access to medicine is unavailable. Our medical workers are devoted to bringing physical and spiritual care to underserved and unreached communities.

Native Missionary

It takes $200 per month to support a native missionary through EOTE. With cultural familiarity, nationals can readily engage with unreached people, effectively sharing the Gospel and knowing the needs of the community.


EOTE and Promise Child have joined hands to bring total transformation to formerly unreached villages in Sudan. Support a child today and become a part of bringing the tangible love of Christ to your child through education, health, and the hope of the Gospel.

Home Office

Our home office staff members raise their own financial support, which covers their salary and benefits. All donations will help us to continue our work in reaching the 10/40 Window.

To Support By Check

Please make checks or money orders payable to Ends Of The Earth Ministries. If you are giving to a specific project or missionary include in the memo line the missionaries name, project, or country that you are donating to.

Mail to:

Ends Of The Earth Ministries
17451 Bastanchury Rd
Suite 203
Yorba Linda, CA 92886

One hundred percent of all contributions designated for use on the mission field are sent to the mission field.

Saving Grace World Missions

Ends of the Earth Ministries partners with Saving Grace World Missions as SGWM process all EOTE’s donations for a fraction of the cost of supporting our own personnel. These administrative costs are covered through donations designated “Home Office” or sometimes “Where Most Needed.”

When you give to Ends of the Earth Ministries you will receive a receipt from Saving Grace World Missions.

Our 100% Promise

Since the ministry began, we have sent 100% of field sponsorship to the nations we serve, and we have trusted the Lord to provide for our overhead costs. We do our best to keep these expenses very low. For instance, our home office staff members raise their own financial support, which covers their salary and benefits, helping keep our overhead costs at a minimum.

Thank you for standing with us in making an eternal impact with your prayers and financial gifts.

Yours for the unreached,

Pastor Rob Douglass

Founder & President, Ends of the Earth Ministires