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What We Do

Church Planting

Ends of the Earth Ministries’ primary purpose is to see gospel movements transform unreached communities throughout the world.

Church planting begins with national missionaries, who invest years of relational trust-building within tribes. Over the last 10 years our nationals have built bridges strong enough to carry the Gospel into some of the darkest reaches of South Sudan.

Currently we have two established church plants that are run and overseen by our Sudanese leaders. In Narus, our church meets in our local school, providing continual access to the Word of God and fellowship for all of our students, their families, and those in the surrounding community. In Lolim, our church meets at our medical clinic, bringing the Gospel into a remote region previously untouched by the light of Christ. At least 10 unreached people groups live in these areas, totaling approximately 1 million people that have never had the opportunity to hear the Gospel or visit a church.

Our vision is to see new believers discipled, multiplied, and key leaders identified and raised up to go into surrounding villages, teaching the Word of God and planting churches.

Educational Empowerment

We seek to empower the next generation of South Sudan through equipping children to be the leaders of their future.

Across South Sudan, youth have some of the least accessible primary education in the world. Through our partnership with Promise Child, we have been able to provide school for hundreds of children in our sponsorship program.

Little Lamb Academy is ran by our Sudanese staff who daily pour into the children academically, emotionally, and spiritually. For the first time in a culture of early childhood marriage, we are seeing girls in school, dreaming of new opportunities as families realize their value beyond dowry. Young boys historically enlisted as soldiers or spending their childhood tending cows are now able to learn and grow into their gifts and God given purpose. Bringing education into the town of Narus has brought major transformation to the entire surrounding community, once void of hope.

Ends of the Earth Ministries sees education as an essential component in rebuilding the nation of South Sudan.

Life Saving Medical Care

We are committed to bringing the tangible love of Christ through hands on, physical care.

In remote areas of South Sudan where a vast majority of lives are lost due to preventable, treatable diseases, our national missionaries have devoted their lives to providing life saving medical care to thousands of unreached people from near and far.

After ten years of simple care under a tree, we now have an established medical clinic staffed with 6-8 full-time nurses, a doctor, pastor, janitorial workers, guards, and cooks. Because we have the only access to medicine in a region where there is none, many walk for days desperate for healing, and are met with tender care for both physical and spiritual needs. Through the pain and suffering of life-threatening sicknesses, God is continually providing opportunities to meet and share His love with people otherwise unreachable on the brink of death.

Our hope is to see bodies healed, lives saved, and souls redeemed through the work of Jesus Christ in and through our medical clinic.