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Worship Under the Stars

Voices rang out under the milky way as clouds of dust arose from the joyful stomping of barefooted villagers, once untouched by the Gospel.  I rejoiced to see the fulfillment of 20 years of prayer unfolding before me, as God quietly spoke to my heart: “As I promised Abraham, ‘Look toward heaven, and number the stars … So shall your offspring be.’ Trust Me and walk with Me and I will pour out my Spirit on this desert land.” In the neighboring villages of our discipleship program, many of the kids who came to us from the “Forgotten People” over a decade ago are now venturing out in hut to hut evangelism, sharing the love of God to the isolated communities they once lived in.

Marko, like many others, had been reluctant to send his son Lobai to our children’s home during its early years. When our African director, James Nyika, assured the resistant father that Lobai would be properly cared for and receive an education, Marko consented, unaware of the eternal impact this decision would have on his own life. When Lobai heard that his father recently fell ill, he and six other boys in our program returned to the village to pray over Marko. Amazed at the change in his now teen-aged son, Marko sat as Lobai led the boys in prayer over his feeble body. The love of God prevailed, compelling Lobai’s father to receive the Good News and give his life to Jesus.



After visiting with Marko, the boys began to collect firewood and invite other villagers to join them for prayer that evening. Curious bystanders gathered around the fire, as another of our boys, Lokwar, stood to welcome them in their native tongue. Seeing the boldness of their grown up children overflowing with God’s love and confidently worshiping in their own language, the people began sobbing with joy. The young wandering children they had once known were now young adults being powerfully used by the God of the universe.

As God’s Spirit continued to pour out on the village, another youth, Ariko, preached and invited all to come to Jesus, followed by a prayer of confession. Light pierced the darkness as fifteen men and sixty women came forward to receive the Lord around the glowing bonfire illuminating the night. What began with a small group of obedient young disciples has now become an established church, meeting several evenings a week to gather and worship the Creator of the stars above. 

Lobai’s father Marko, who was among the first to receive Jesus, died one week after the boys prayed for him. Though his body did not recover from the sickness, he found true healing in the arms of his Savior. He will be followed by many from his village who can now enter eternity welcomed by their Heavenly Chief.

In the same way that Marko’s village was recently unreached, fifty percent of the world’s population still lives in areas with no access to the Gospel.  We exist to share the good news of Jesus Christ with those who have never had the chance to hear His name.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, love and support of Ends of the Earth Ministries!

God bless you,
Pastor Rob Douglass