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The elderly African chief said to native missionary James Nyika, “We are the Tauso people; our name means “the forgotten”. I never thought our children would have a chance to be educated, but since you have come, we now have hope. Our children are learning to read English and Swahili. You have brought us teachers. You have brought us dignity. You have given our children a future.” Because of your love and support, Ends of the Earth missionaries are now living among this once forgotten tribe. The elders value the education they bring, and through this opened door into their lives, missionaries are sharing the love of Christ among the tribe’s 500 members.


I stood among the group of children, and listened to them call out answers to simple addition problems which had been drawn with a stick on the ground. Though they had no desks, paper or pencils, they had an eagerness to learn. Their classroom was the shade of an acacia tree; their “chalkboard” was the dirt floor. As I looked into each smiling face, I looked into a young soul who was learning that Jesus made and loved each one of them. In them, the future of this once unreached tribe looked bright with hope.