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“The people who sat in darkness saw a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, light has dawned.” Matthew 4:16

The Lord has used you this past year, through your co-laboring with Ends of the Earth Ministries to make an eternal difference in the lives of countless people in South Sudan. God has truly turned many from darkness to light. Let me share with you what your partnership has accomplished in 2013.

Tauso Tribe is no Longer Unreached!

We are elated to report that the Tauso Tribe is no longer unreached. Due to the tireless efforts of our national missionaries and their care in Jesus name the Tauso community has enough professing believers to be removed from the unreached list. We had the privilege to baptize many young adults in early 2013. After going through the word with our missionaries they asked if they could show a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Deliverance from Child Marriage


Thirteen year old Natuk heard her father chain shut the stick door of their hut. In desperation, she knelt on the mud floor and cried out to God. “Please Jesus, help me! I don’t want to be forced to marry this old man.” Natuk is a member of the Tauso tribe which we began working in three years ago. She gave her life to Jesus through our child sponsorship program which has provided for her housing, food, spiritual discipleship and education. On her school holiday she left our boarding school and returned home to visit relatives. The day she was supposed to return to school her father blocked her path and announced to her that he had arranged for her to marry a man in his 60’s. She begged him to let her finish school and to not have to marry this old man. She was pulled from the truck and locked in a hut. For two days she cried out to the Lord in prayer. When Pastor James Nyika arrived he pleaded with her father to release her from the marital contract. He replied, “I respect you for the way you have cared for our children. If you want her to finish school, out of my respect for you, I will release her from this arrangement.” Natuk returned to the boarding school and testified to all of the children of the power of God to hear and answer prayer.
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Clinic Expanded by 400%

In 2013 we expanded our medical clinic by 400%. The medical clinic is targeting a second unreached people group called the Taposa. This past year over 15,000 people were treated in our medical clinic, many of whom would have died without the medications and simple care that was given. Our medical clinic shows the people that we genuinely love and care for them. Their physical and spiritual needs are met and ministered to. This year we are in the process of finishing the walls for the new child’s ward and birthing center. This will save the lives of thousands of mothers and children. Earlier this year I met a Taposa mother that had carried her sick baby through the desert for three days to receive medical care from our clinic. Our medical missionaries administered the malaria medication (costing .50 cents) which saved the child’s life.


This year our region of South Sudan has been plagued with malnourishment. Our medical clinic has received the highest reviews from the United Nation and as a result the UN provides ample free supplies of food for malnourished children and related medications.

Vision for 2014 Reaching the Jie Tribe

God has been faithful to reach the Tauso tribe. Our missionaries are currently planting a church among the Taposa. In 2014, we are preparing to send out an African missionary family to a completely new unreached tribal area home to 40,000 Jie people. Please pray for open doors to bring the love of Jesus Christ to a third unreached people group.

Making an Eternal Difference

As the director of EEM, I feel strongly about our 100% promise… that 100% of your donation will go to the area it is designated for. We do not take out a percentage for office expenses, travel or ministry needs. That is why our family expresses thanks to those who support us financially so that I can lead our national missionaries and direct this ministry. We are in need of raising additional financial sponsors for our family. If you feel lead to partner with our family in this ministry, it would be greatly appreciated.