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The people who sat in darkness saw a great light, and upon those who sat in the region and shadow of death, light has dawned. Matthew 4:16 

The Lord has used you this past year, through your co-laboring with Ends of the Earth Ministries, to make an eternal difference in the lives of countless people in South Sudan. God has truly turned many from darkness to light. Let me share with you what your partnership has accomplished in 2015.  


In October we were able to finalize our new hospital in South Sudan. This new children’s and maternity ward will save hundreds of lives every month. 

During the ceremony a Taposa grandmother stood and told of how entire families were killed as they walked through hostel neighboring tribal land in a desperate search for medicine. Turning to James Nyika she said,”Thank you for coming and saving our lives!” Then she concluded by turning to the crowd and proclaiming, “Help has come.”

In our area 50% of the childern do not live to see their 5th birthday. We are witnessing a drastic reduction of child deaths as we have been providing basic health care and education.    

As the Gospel went forth the chief’s eyes were fixed on the speaker as he leaned in and listing intently. The door is beginning to open for the entire tribe to meet Jesus and find freedom from their sin. 

The instant there was a lull in the schedule the ladies filled the air with loud celebration as they blew their horns and stomped their feet as they danced around the medical clinic.



Thank you for standing with us.
Yours for the unreached, 

Rob Douglass

Founder & President

Ends of the Earth