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In January 2016 we began Grace Missionary College located in the heart of Kakuma Refugee Settlement. Kakuma is home to two hundred thousand people making it one of the world’s largest refugee camps. 

The college is designed to train and send 25 nationals from unreached nations back into their home land thoroughly equipped to reach their own people with the message of salvation. We are gearing up to significantly impact many more nations in this new season. Please pray for the safety of our students and teachers. Recently the United Nations security team has disbanded a terrorist training cell within the camp.  

One of the women joyfully proclaimed, “You coming to us in this place is an answer to our prayers. Some of us have been here for over ten years and didn’t think we would ever have an opportunity to be trained in the Word.”

We have five nations represented amount our refugee students:  North Sudanese, South Sudanese, Congolese, Ethiopian and Burundian. 


Thank you for standing with us.

Yours for the unreached, 

Rob Douglass

Founder & President

Ends of the Earth