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Songs of Hope

In the stillness of our world-wide quarantine, a tiny desert village breathes with life as a choir of a hundred voices lifts to break the silence, carrying melodies of Hope in the wind.
Despite the very desperate situation continuing to unfold in South Sudan with the civil war, economy collapse, crumbling government, and now closed borders to our main source of food and supplies in Kenya, our kids and missionaries continue to prosper in God’s faithfulness.

Just before the border closed, we were able to bring truck loads of beans, rice, and other basic staple supplies to our program. With our new well on the compound providing constant clean water, and the help of our missionary parents diligently teaching the kids how to farm, our children are now able to grow their own food in a desert wasteland.

There is still much need and a continual sense of danger, but the kids in our program are thriving in region where most are just barely surviving. In a remote and desperate corner of the world, the children you support have become a source of hope and light to the surrounding unreached community.

As dusk falls and the bustle of the village turns to silence each night, the only thing heard is the beautiful echo of 75 children from our home, along with their parents, crying out songs of praise. Once unreached and in despair, our children now fill the desert skies with harmonious joy, hope, and confident trust in our faithful Lord!

Though all of us are experiencing uncertain times with the outbreak of COVID-19, stepping back to see everything through the eyes of God shifts our vision from our circumstances to an eternal perspective, and enables our hearts to praise Him no matter what may come.

Several months ago as I laid in a hospital bed suffering with Malaria and finding myself fighting this vicious disease yet again, I asked the Lord,

“Do you love me?” He answered in the same way He always has, “Rob I have always loved you. I came to this earth 2,000 years ago, and I paid for your sins before you were even born. That one act of love, giving my life on the cross, is the only thing you need to think about. I love you and I always have.” So, as I try to step back and get an eternal perspective in these times of difficulty and constant change, I have to remember that God hasn’t changed one bit, and His faithful love endures forever.

Be encouraged! Be the light in your community, as you let Jesus turn your fear into faith and sorrows into songs. Thank you for supporting our children in South Sudan and playing a vital role in bringing light to the Ends of the Earth!

God Bless you, be safe, and trust the Lord.

Pastor Rob Douglass