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Yesterday, we lost all communication with South Sudan. We hope for the best that the cell towers had been switched off and yet fearing the worse that something terrible had happened. Our communication black-out ended this morning when I woke to James Nyika’s call. With thanks to God and joy in his voice, James reported that our missionaries and all our children are safe for the time being. Praise God! After seeking the Lord for wisdom, James and our missionaries feel it is best to stay in Narus, South Sudan as long as possible.

Today, James made it safely to Lokichoggio, Kenya. He said that the road through No Man’s Land is safe for now. James’ first priority in Kenya was to meet with the Kenyan border police seeking their approval to transport food to South Sudan. If he cannot return to S Sudan with food, we will be forced to evacuate our children and missionary staff. His second priority was to meet with the UN Rep about renting a house in Loki, Kenya for the Tauso kids if they are forced to evacuate.

As I was writing this, I answered my phone to hear James’ report that everyone in Narus is safe and rejoicing in God’s protection and provision. James’ trip was successful and he arrived back in S. Sudan with enough food to last 30 days for our children and missionaries. This means we can keep the school open and it also means that the kids do not need to relocate to Kenya. Miraculously, the Kenyan border police made an exception for James and allowed him to cross into S. Sudan with a huge load of food. For the next month God has allowed us to provide 330 meals per day, totaling 9,900 meals. Praise Jesus! This is an enormous answer to your prayers!

On Wednesday, the World Food Program warehouse in Juba was looted. It held more than 4,500 metric tons of food, enough to provide lifesaving nutrition assistance to about 220,000 people. UN staff have not been able to determine if any supplies remain to assist thousands of desperate people trapped in the capital.

Today, 50 Ugandan military trucks entered South Sudan. The Ugandan army stated they are in S. Sudan to provide security and assist in evacuations from the capital city of Juba. The S. Sudanese residence in Juba that we have spoken to on the phone are afraid that this massive build-up of military personnel is going to escalate to an all out civil war.

Ends of the Earth Ministries South Sudan Team

Today, in Kenya, Twinkle Zavala of Calvary Chapel Nairobi with the four ladies on our team hosted a VBS for a few hundred children. It went great! I am so proud of these ladies as they have remained totally flexible throughout this crisis and have turned disappointment into opportunities to show Jesus’ love. God has also totally healed our two missionaries struggling from food poisoning. Please continue praying as sickness seems to always come and go.

Prayer Points
– Please pray that the Kenyan border police continue to allow us to bring in relief supplies for our kids and missionaries. If they close the border we will be forced to evacuate our kids and missionaries.

– Please continue to pray for the 35,000 innocent civilians trying to escape the fighting in S. Sudan’s capital Juba.

– Please pray that we will be able to continue to communicate with James and assist everyone in S. Sudan during this crisis.

Thank you for praying for our team… Teri Jackson, Kelli Pollin, Heather Stevens, Becky Breznau – Rob Douglass

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