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Thank you all for praying for our team in South Sudan. In our update yesterday we reported that James Nyika was in communication with his sister as she relayed to him that the government helicopter gunship was shooting people in the streets in front of her home. Last night we did not know if she survived. This morning James was able to speak to his sister briefly on the phone. She and hundreds from her neighborhood are hiding in the forest near the capital city. They have actually been holding prayer meetings under the trees with others from her community. Government soldiers are presently patrolling the capital city of Juba with tanks and armored vehicles. Please continue to pray that everybody in the capital will be able to return home soon or safely evacuate.


Our fears of the country slipping into a state of anarchy are becoming more of a reality day by day. Truckloads of food are being hijacked along the main corridors. As a result, our kids will be unable to receive any food. Due to these circumstances it is necessary to move our children out of South Sudan and into the Kakuma Refugee camp in the neighboring country of Kenya.

This morning, with heavy hearts, we said goodbye to James Nyika in Northern Kenya while he entered the war zone to South Sudan in order to determine whether he should evacuate the kids immediately or if he could postpone it for a short while. Please pray that God will give him wisdom in determining when to temporarily close down our elementary school in South Sudan, when to move the children, and then when to reopen the school in Kakuma Refugee camp, in the neighbouring country of Kenya.

Our American team was able to find a flight back to Nairobi, the capital of Kenya. We are now safe in the home of Pastor Dave Zavala of Calvary Chapel Nairobi. Rob will spend the next few days coordinating with James as much as possible and the churches in America to best manage this crisis. The ladies will be joining the members of Calvary Nairobi in street evangelism, VBS, and an orphanage outreach.

We would appreciate prayer for our team as some members have been battling stomach sickness.

Thank you for praying for our team… Teri Jackson Kelli Rose Pollin Becky Breznau – Rob Douglass

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