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Eager faces crowded together in the late afternoon sun, the bright colors of their beads a stark contrast amidst the dark skin. Word had spread quickly through the surrounding villages that a film was going to be shown at sundown. Ends of the Earth native missionaries stood and addressed the sea of faces, “What you are about to watch is the story of God’s son Jesus Christ who came to earth to save us from our sins.” Last week our team of native evangelists in South Sudan presented the Jesus film to more then five thousand unreached Taposa during a 2 day outreach. I am filled with joy to report that 532 souls gave there lives to Christ and found forgiveness from sin.


Recently, while presenting the Jesus film to a neighboring tribe, native missionaries were forced to abruptly stop the film. The people had gathered with much excitement to watch a movie on a large screen for the first time. It did not take long for them to connect with Jesus’ love and compassion upon the sick and dying. Our missionaries noticed a stirring among the crowd as the Romans arrested Jesus and began to beat Him. The tribal people became so outraged at what was being done to Jesus that the men raised their AK-47 machine guns to fire at the screen to rescue Jesus from the evil Romans. Our missionary noticed what was happening and stopped the film just in time. He encouraged them to put their guns down and watch the entire story to see how the son of God was victorious in the end. Many tribal people, after seeing and hearing of God’s great love, responded with giving their lives to the Lord. Please pray for our national missionaries as they are now working on discipling and church planting in these areas.

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