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Paul rises before dawn. Kneeling next to his mattress, he commits his works to the Lord, asking for the wisdom he will need to address the countless medical conditions he will face this day at the medical clinic in Loolim, South Sudan. Arriving at the clinic to unlock the doors, a cluster of patients have already begun to fill the porch of the small building. Eager faces look desperately to him and his nursing staff of four Kenyans, who have left their homeland to share God’s love through the vehicle of medical care to these remote South Sudanese tribes.


Earlier this year, Paul’s family, who live on the border of Kenya and Sudan, were attacked by the Taposa tribe that he was ministering to. After hearing of the attack on his village, he traveled to comfort his family. They had lost a large portion of their cattle due to the raiders. Paul returned to the medical clinic and continued to serve the Taposa people. The chief, knowing that Paul’s family had been attacked and that Paul had chosen to forgive and remain with his people was amazed. He approached Paul asking him “What kind of love is this, that you would serve my people when they have done your family wrong?” Paul’s grin widened as he went on to share with the chief about the love of God who would send even His own son for a people who would violently do Him wrong too.

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